Taal voor het Leven (Language for Life)

Since 2017, TARTON has been a language provider and language volunteer trainer for the support programme Taal voor het Leven (Language for Life). This programme helps businesses etc. to arrange language training for people with low literacy.

Language provider

TARTON can help organisations to offer language training for people who want to improve their reading, writing and speaking. The aim is not to get a diploma but to be able to participate well in society and to have greater chance of a healthier and happier life. Read the stories of these people who used to have low literacy, and what a course has meant for them.

Volunteer language trainer

In addition, TARTON trains language volunteers who want to help others improve one or more basic language skills such as reading or writing. During the training, volunteers learn how you can guide participants, not only with language skills but also by supporting them as coaches.

Thinking about becoming a language volunteer? Then find out whether you be suitable using the Taalvrijwilligerscheck. If you would you like to know why other people have become language volunteers, please read their experiences.