How do you learn a language?

It is nice to learn a language, but it can be ever nicer and more effective if you get the right study coaching. For that reason, TARTON wants to share with you the best way you can improve your vocabulary and what good grammar resources there are, as well as nice, handy websites and apps that can stimulate you to master Dutch at any time of the day.
  • The video ‘Woordjes leren als een baas’ from a team of PhD students from Radboud University in Nijmegen shows you the most effective way to learn words in a new language.
  • The dictionary from Interglot allows you to look up a translation from or into Dutch. You also get information about the type of word it is, and conjugations.


  • Videos with explanation about the integration exams, and many practice exams from DUO for Writing, Speaking, Listening and KNS. Further information about ONA and the materials that you must download for it.
  • More exercises for the Reading integration exam
  • Practice exam 1 – speaking A2
  • Practice exam 2 – speaking A2
  • Would you like to learn Dutch grammar in your own language because English is not your greatest strength? Then Download the grammar book ‘A Practical Dutch Grammar’ in your own language, free of charge!
  • Are you looking for information about spelling, type of word and conjugations of Dutch words? You can find all of this in this 'dictionary' from Taalunie!
LEVELS A1/A2/B1/B2 Many exercises for all levels and for all skills.

  • Do you have difficulty with reading and writing? Do you want to practice as you are looking for a job? These exercises can help you.
  • Are you looking for more reading and writing exercises? Then take a look at this webpage from Taal voor het Leven ('Language for Life') and choose something that you like.
  • Are you a language volunteer, or are you as an organisation looking for assessment tools or suitable learning material for your employees? Then have a look to see if Stichting Lezen en Schrijven ('Reading and Writing Foundation') can help you with its resources.