Dutch grammar

Learning a new language includes understanding and applying its grammar. It is not always necessary to know every detail of a grammar rule but you must be able to understand and apply sufficient rules to speak comprehensible Dutch. Think of the basic grammar as the 'skeleton' of your 'body' (the Dutch language you speak).
This fun video by Arnoud Kuijpers (in Dutch) explains why learning grammar is important and useful.

Do you want help learning the Dutch (basic) grammar? TARTON can help you!
A practical Dutch grammar
Do you want to learn to understand Dutch grammar from your mother tongue because English may not be your strongest side? Download the grammar book 'A Practical Dutch Grammar' in your own language now for free!

Are you looking for information about the spelling, part of speech and conjugation of Dutch words? You can find everything in this 'dictionary' of the Taalunie!

Zichtbaar Nederlands
Do you find grammar difficult? Or do you learn more easily with images? Then 'Zichtbaar Nederlands' can perfectly help you to develop a good basic knowledge of Dutch grammar. The website is available in Dutch, English, French and Polish.

Schrijfassistent Nederlands
This handy website will help you improve your written texts. You get feedback on the spelling but also suggestions about the style in which you write. Only suitable for the advanced student.