Listen Dutch 


When you listen to a new language, it seems that all the words and sentences are made up of one long melody. When you have taken the first steps in this new language, you will begin to recognize individual words as you listen. Now you are on your way to better understand your Dutch speaking partner. Listening to Dutch helps you to learn the correct pronunciation of new words and it also helps you to have a more relaxed conversation in Dutch.

Do you want to be able to listen better in Dutch and ultimately be able to have a conversation in Dutch more easily? Then TARTON can help you.

Dutch television

Watch Dutch-language television on NPO Start. Use English subtitles if you're new to Dutch (not always available). Use Dutch subtitles if you already understand some Dutch and do not use subtitles if you are advanced.
Nice, typically Dutch programs to watch are, for example, 'Boer zoekt vrouw', 'Flikken Maastricht' or 'NOS Jeugdjournaal'.

Netflix is ideal for watching Dutch films with or without subtitles. Install the 'Language Learning with Netflix' application on your computer and you can even turn on subtitles in your native language.
Viewing tips: 'De Eetclub' (based on a Dutch novel), 'Bloed, zweet en tranen' (about the famous Dutch folk singer André Hazes), 'Gooische Vrouwen' (the 'typical' life of rich women from 't Gooi) and 'Alles voor elkaar' (romantic comedy).

Net in Nederland

You learn the language of a country faster if you also know the society and culture. On the website 'Net in Nederland' you will find many subtitled videos on all kinds of subjects.

Radio station 100% NL

Listen to Dutch music and music by Dutch artists on the radio station 100% NL. This can easily be played on the radio in the car, while walking or as background music.

Sing Dutch songs

Learning a language while singing. How easy and beautiful is that. On the website 'Lyricstraining' you can practice with the lyrics of Dutch songs at your language level, for example by filling in missing words. You just need to create a free account.

Podcast ‘Zeg het in het Nederlands’
Listen to podcasts in slow spoken Dutch at ‘Zeg het in het Nederlands'.