Exams in the Netherlands


Have you recently moved to the Netherlands, and you are not from the EU? Then there is a high chance that you will have an integration obligation and you must take integration exams. Or maybe it is a good idea to apply for a Dutch passport in your personal situation.

Therefore TARTON offers a personal integration course, working on reaching language level A2 (writing, reading, listening and speaking), the KNM exam, and the ONA (Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market) portfolio. The course can also focus on just one of these elements.

This personal integration course takes place in private lessons. TARTON does not work with DUO loans!

PLEASE NOTE: due to busy schedules, it is currently NOT possible to take fully personal integration courses at TARTON. It is possible to learn the language skills A1/A2/B1 in general group courses. After following the group courses, it is possible to plan a short exam training in speaking and writing or to create the ONA portfolio with some private lessons.

You can find more information about integration in the Netherlands on the website www.inburgeren.nl

  • Elena Aliendikova – following integration process, from Ukraine
    The lessons were really nice. I improved my skills in speaking and writing, because Joyce can explain everything clearly. The language lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced learners.
    Thank you very much Joyce for your help!
  • Diesel Wong – expat, from Taiwan
    We learn Dutch so we can speak with people in daily life. That is what I was looking for. In the lessons, I can improve my grammar and pronunciation. I'm confident that I'm learning Dutch in the right way.
  • Deniz Schindler – international, from Turkey
    I find learning from a textbook boring, so I wanted to learn in a different way. Joyce could offer that, so that's when our adventure began. Now we are working on different language issues that we encounter and for me that's really enjoyable, varied and effective.
  • Wunpen Leather – following integration process, from Thailand
    We worked on the ONA portfolio: filled in results cards and prepared for the interview. After the lessons I had more confidence in speaking Dutch. I passed the integration exams!
  • Marigona Zhuniqi – following integration process, from Kosovo
    I was able to understand a lot and make my own sentences in a short time. My teacher is fantastic, friendly and most importantly has a lot of knowledge.
  • Soo Gor Chye - international, from Singapore
    Joyce is a proactive and spontaneous teacher! She gave practical tips for the ONA portfolio and exams. She has a professional approach.
  • Victoria Wauben – HR -medewerker Innolux Heerlen
    "Joyce delivered lesson for a number of expats at our company. She provided tailored lessons and the participants were very happy with the outcomes. Joyce is very professional but also pragmatic, which is a great combination for trainees and means it is easy for them to combine with their own work. We highly recommend Joyce as a Dutch teacher!"
  • Tawfie Al Homsi
    werknemer Ikea uit Syrië

    Joyce is creative, clever and professional in her work.
    I am very satisfied with the way she gives lessons,
    and the exercises that she uses to improve my writing skills.
  • Kirsti Heijen – language volunteer
    Compliments for how you transfer your knowledge and experience:
    practical and enjoyable!
  • Lies Veltkamp – language volunteer Joyce is a great trainer with a passion for her subject. I think that's important because it allows you to stimulate others and to better transfer your knowledge to students.