TARTON gives lessons to migrant workers, expats and non-Dutch speakers who need help to learn Dutch. TARTON can help you with Dutch exams training for the integration exams A2 or State Exams NT2, NT2 language courses for level A1, A2, B1 and B2 to improve your language level or courses for Dutch in the Workplace (Nederlands op de Werkvloer). Lessons are given in small groups not only face-to-face at our beautiful location in Heerlen but also online.

What does a language training look like at TARTON?
Every training and every lesson are focused on the needs of the student. We work on the parts that you find difficult and that belong to your goal. We practice the Dutch language in a way that's helpful to yourself in using your Dutch in society and your daily life and/or work, so many practical tips and exercises.
At TARTON you are not only a student but also a person with a certain learning style, a certain learning pace, development points but also strong points. TARTON has more than 20 years of experience with very diverse target groups, levels, learning objectives and wishes. That is why the training always perfectly matches who you are.
Do you want to learn Dutch to be able to communicate with your Dutch colleagues, in laws or people you meet in your daily life?
Are you looking for a customized language course for migrant workers or expats in your business?
Do you need help to prepare for the integration exams?
Would you like to improve your writing or speaking skills, in order to enhance your chances in the labour market?
Then please have a look around on Tarton's website for more information or contact TARTON

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