TARTON gives lessons to adult NT2 students, migrant workers, expats, non-Dutch speakers in the business world, and people following the integration process who need help to learn Dutch. Lessons are given individually, or in small groups, for Dutch exams training, NT2 language courses to improve your language level, integration courses or courses for Language in the Workplace (Taal op de Werkvloer).
Are you looking for support to make an ONA (Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market) portfolio?
Are you looking for a customized language course for migrant workers or expats in your business?
Do you need help to prepare for the integration exams?
Would you like to improve your writing or speaking skills, in order to enhance your chances in the labour market?
Then please have a look around on Tarton's website for more information or contact us

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  • Elena Aliendikova – following integration process, from Ukraine
    The lessons were really nice. I improved my skills in speaking and writing, because Joyce can explain everything clearly. The language lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced learners.
    Thank you very much Joyce for your help!
  • Diesel Wong – expat, from Taiwan
    We learn Dutch so we can speak with people in daily life. That is what I was looking for. In the lessons, I can improve my grammar and pronunciation. I'm confident that I'm learning Dutch in the right way.
  • Deniz Schindler – international, from Turkey
    I find learning from a textbook boring, so I wanted to learn in a different way. Joyce could offer that, so that's when our adventure began. Now we are working on different language issues that we encounter and for me that's really enjoyable, varied and effective.

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