Who is Joyce?

My name is Joyce Vandervelden, and I started TARTON – Nederlandse taaltraining (Dutch language training) in Heerlen in August 2014.

From 2000 I worked at different types of school and with various target groups. So I have experience working as a group teacher in primary school, and I have supported pupils with dyslexia and autism. I also taught lessons on various professional courses at a secondary technical school (mbo). Furthermore, I taught adult NT2 students the basics of the Dutch language and prepared them for the NT2 (integration) exams.

In recent years I have focused on my passion: giving Dutch lessons to non-Dutch speaking adults. It's lovely to meet so many people from across the globe. It not only expands my view of life, studying and the world, but also gives me the opportunity to do what I am best at.

I believe it is important that my way of communicating, giving lessons and coaching is always tailored to the group and/or person I am working with. This is also my starting point when working with trainees at TARTON – Nederlandse taaltraining. Who are you? What can you do already? And what would you like to learn?

Can I help you with the Dutch language so you can achieve your objectives?