Mini-course Speaking Dutch more clearly

Are you doing your best to speak Dutch but you still find the pronunciation of some Dutch sounds difficult? Do you have to repeat your sentences often because your speaking partner cannot understand you? In short, are you looking for tips and practical exercises to learn how to speak Dutch more clearly? Then the workshop 'Speaking Dutch more clearly' is for you.

What does the course look like?

You will receive a personal intake appointment before the start of the course. During this session, we will perform a screening of the sounds that are difficult to pronounce for you.

On the 1st meeting we'll practice vowels (short and long sounds) such as "e-ee" and "u-uu". During the 2nd meeting, we'll practice the two sounds and two-tone sounds such as the "ui", "ei / ij" and "eu". During the 3rd meeting, we’ll practice consonants such as "r" and "g" and combinations such as "str" or "schr". All the exercises that we do fit within language level A1-B2. In addition to "loose" sounds, we will practice pronunciation in words and sentences.

This course is given by NT2 language teacher Joyce Vandervelden. The workshop is suitable for people who have already had a few Dutch lessons (starting level A1 - at least 40 hours). The mini-course costs € 148. For this, you get a personal intake, 3 meetings where you can get to work practically, work materials, coffee and tea.

Do you want to participate or do you have questions? Send a message to TARTON.

Please note: you are only officially registered as a participant after payment. The workshop takes place with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6 people.